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About Us

What makes us special?

"We Deliver as promised", "Provide Excellence in service" & "Act responsibly" - the three magic ingredients which you want from any provider. 

Mattress2Clean has built on Client Relationships and we have one of the highest client retention rates.  

Do not hesitate to contact us contact us- we will love to answer your queries and help you make a disease free home!
Is sleeping in your bed after a hard day out more of a liability than comfort for you?  sleeping with dust mites
Do you find yourself itch your back than appreciating a new day when you wake up 
in the mornings? 

Did you have a restless sleep in your hotel room?

Two bed bugs, scientifically named Cimex lectularius and 

Cimex hemipterus and found mostly in urban places, 

love to feed on humans[1] - we are sure you don't want to be 

their snack!

Mattress2Clean is here with the solution for bed bugs and dust mites! We take great pride in offering services that not only let people sleep in peace but also provide a cleaner and healthier home!  Since being established, we have served hundreds of satisfied customers in Australia. 

Bed bugs are insecticide resistant - so you know that spraying insecticides will never help![2]

 In fact, though dust mites generally are known not spread diseases on their own, some studies have suggested the presence of Hepatitis C in bed bugs -something very scary indeed![3]

Mattress2Clean reputation for cleaning has been acknowledged by our clients, time and again! We provide our customers with the best - and help provide better and cleaner homes!

Our technicians are all over Australia - and cater to all your needs. Let's be to the point here - you want your home clean, free from dust mites and diseases - we help you achieve that at affordable costs!

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