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Where do you think could you find the cleanest beds and mattresses? 

Your home, a friend's home or a five star hotel!! We would suggest you to think again. Your mattress may look like it's as clean as it could be, but it is filled with bed bugs, dust mites and might also have become home for bacteria, virus and fungi!

Bed bugs and dust mites are so small in size that are non-existent to the naked eye but what you cannot see, doesn't mean isn't there always. These bed bugs openly enjoy the coziness of your mattress while sucking your blood where dust mites enjoy spreading allergy and other common diseases!

Other options which do not work:

dust mites

Now, you would think of sanitizer's, bed covers and all kinds of solutions to clean up your mattress. 

But, let us tell you they won't help. 

Cleaning the mattress with the domestic vacuum cleaner just brings the dust particle closer to the surface making you more prone to allergies and infections these bloody bugs can cause! Other sanitizers won't wash out the bugs. 

If you are thinking of bed covers; well it won't solve the problem either. A bed cover over an un-sanitized mattress would become home for the bugs giving an easy invitation to dust mites, bacteria and virus!

If you don't believe us, go check out! Even the highest rated five-star hotels of the country have unimaginable dust mites and bed bugs in their beds and mattresses. These hotels are easily fooling people as they charge a pretty handsome amount in the name of hygiene and cleanliness when in reality thousands of bugs have been found in a single mattress in their rooms.

Enough of the problem, we come up now with the only guaranteed solution to this otherwise permanent problem!!

Mattress2Clean is the answer to all your questions!!

Mattress2Clean uses a dry vacuum therapy to suck out all those beasts from your bed before they enjoy sucking your blood.


mattress cleaning cost saving COST & TIME SAVING - 

Very recently, a survey was done in which the management of the leading hotels of the country has witnessed some shocking results and immediately after sorted to our product! 

Also enterprise and commercial companies would love our services - as it would cost them much less than all the equipment they are buying right now including the heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, sanitizers and bed covers! Free of bugs and that too at a much lesser cost. As a company, it would save your staff a lot more time as our products take not more than 20mins to bring out all those little bugs which can trouble you.

Time is money and when you can save both, what more could you ask for!! And that along with a bug and bacteria free bed and mattress!!

mattress cleaning extraction methodEXTRACTION METHOD - 

Once switched on, its powerful mechanism pulsates and vibrates the mattress so that the dust mites and bugs are extracted out and collected in the cleaner. If you doubt us, use it once and  you can see the cleaner is filled of dirt which contains not only your skin and hair but uncountable dust mites, bed bugs, their eggs and excreta and all this when you have been soundly sleeping under your sheets! 

Now you may say, it's ok if there are bugs as long as they are not affecting me. 

But don't get relaxed so soon, these dust mites can cause serious allergies and infections, acute sinusitis, asthma, skin rashes and sometimes even bleeding in the nasal passages, trachea, bronchial tree and lungs. So, if you want to save yourself from all these disasters, go grab our product as soon as possible and make your home and surroundings dirt free. Also, Mattress2Clean deodorizes the mattress after cleaning which makes it smell-like a new bought mattress just today.

We also have special equipments for urine stains, cigarette accumulations and other specific stains.

Steam- Our competitors may also suggest you steam cleaning and it might sound a good option as a steam bath detoxifies our body. But beware; they might just be reducing the life of your mattress and even killing the warranty. No mattress manufacturer approves of any kind of moisture as it not only reduces the life of the mattress, but also openly inviting the bugs as humidity is a very favorable condition for them.

So, do not fall into traps and false promises; make the right decision before it's too late!!

Our product is very easy to use, just like a domestic vacuum cleaner. Switch it on and within the next 20 minutes you will see the most shocking thing of your life.

Our equipment cloth will bring in front of you the reality of your "clean" mattress! People have seen the shocking results and have already started spreading awareness! Book onlinemattress cleaning online bookingyour service before you catch the allergy.

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