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Q: Why will clean sheets not protect me?
Cleaning sheets is like washing your car!

Still your car needs a professional mechanic regularly!

In similar way, cleaning sheets will only clean the exterior part of your mattress where dust mites don\\\'t reside usually but cleaning sheets is necessary as well.
Q: Do Dust mites cause serious diseases?
Dust mites reside from everywhere starting from our own hair to our pets' bodies. They usually feed on hair & skin. They can cause disaster on nasal passages, bronchi or even lungs for those who are allergic to them.

Even for those who do not have the allergy, prolonged dust mite contact causes inflammation which hampers the immune system. It then can trigger swelling and tissue damage, or could produce serious lung & ear infections. It sometimes can cause bleeding in the nasal passages, bronchial tree and trachea. This would be nothing less than a slow murder. And the worst part, you have nobody to blame.
Q: How often should you clean your home?
On a daily basis. This is something you should keep on priority even in your busiest schedule. Change your bed sheets and linen fortnightly, your pillow every week. Also, wash these in hot water (set your washing machine to its hottest setting). For fabrics which cannot be washed in hot water, freeze them for 24-48 hours (Hot or cold- use extremes)!

Reduce temperature (below 70 F) and humidity as these are lovable conditions for the bugs. Replace feather and wool with synthetics and nylon. And most important- don't forget your kids' stuffed animals; always buy the washable ones.
Q: Do our services completely rid your mattress off diseases?
Yes, absolutely. Mattress2Clean has a powerful mechanism which vibrates the mattress creating strong vacuum which helps extracts the termites, bugs, dirt, dust, skin, hair and given you a really clean mattress.

The best part, it uses no water or steam to clean but just a complete dry vacuum therapy - so you do not have to undergo the trouble of moving the mattress from one place to another to dry it after cleaning. Following the extraction process, the deodorizing spray restores a fresh smell to the Mat so that bugs and mites do not get re-invited.
Q: How long before you should sanitize a new mattress?
Six months. Within six months, and this is provided, you cleanup your house and change your bed sheets on the right time, the mattress gets contaminated with dust mites, bed bugs, termites and all sorts of bugs which can cause serious issues with your health.

If you live in a place where there are strong winds which causes dirt particles to float around, you might need to do it earlier. Once done, you should sanitize it once a month after that. Any miss in the schedules, and you and your loved ones are prone to deadly diseases such as bleeding in lungs and hampering of the whole immune system. Do not try to use covers; they would only enhance the problem.
Q: Why will protective covers not work?
Protective covers might be waterproof and prevent the wear and tear of the mattress, helping it last longer but they cannot protect you from dust mites and bed bugs. These covers are made up of vinyl, which is not breathable or other substances which also get prone to dust mites after a while.

Also, washing the covers will not help you get out of the bug problem. They can still easily sustain in the mattress and bug and suck you anytime they want. Moreover, the gaps in encasements, such as the point where the chain stops, it gives a very comfortable way to the bugs to enter and make the cover useless.
Q: Can sanitizing cure asthma and other allergies?
No. Sanitization cannot cure any allergy but yes, if properly done, it can reduce the intensity of the allergy and protect other members of the house to not get prone to the infections.

Sanitization reduces the effect of the dust mites and bugs, but although they get weak, they never vanish with these measures. And the biggest concern is today's children who spend most of their time indoors these days; lying on beds and mattresses playing videogames & watching TV; they who are most prone to these allergies and their deadly conclusions.
Q: Is our service too hard to use?
Not at all. It's the simplest. Just like the usual domestic vacuum cleaner you use, our service takes just 20 min. to be used before the magic is done!!

You are free from all the allergies and dangerous infection causing organisms which can cause serious problems like acute sinusitis and asthma. And the best part is the dry therapy, which saves you the trouble of moving the mattress anywhere. Just switch the device on & soon you would you see what you were sleeping on!
Q: Is treating a carpet really necessary?
As long as you want to keep yourself and your dear ones miles away from the allergies and infections the bugs may bring, the answer is an absolute yes.

You would badly regret ignoring this part if the bugs get onto the mission and hurt any of you, your children and you have to face the serious consequences.
With our brilliant services, it can be done in some simple steps and you can all then live in a non-allergic home-sweet-home.
Q: Do dust mites have a permanent effect?
Yes, dust mites can have permanent effect.

Asthma is one of the most dangerous diseases of our respiratory system which can lead to death at times. Other than that, they can cause sinusitis, blockages in nasal area, trachea, bronchitis and even lungs which can cause serious breathing problems.

In addition, itching keeps you awake all night which would cause sleeplessness and paranoia and also would affect your work eventually. So all in all, it not only can cause inflammations and allergies, it can go down to the extent of disturbing your personal and professional life. Clean, clean, clean or the bug army is coming to destroy you!!!
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