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There are tons of Mattress Cleaning Providers out there ready to free your home from dust mites and bed bugs. But are they really effective? More, most of the providers have costly solutions to your woes.


We at Mattress2Clean though believe that a healthy and hygienic home should be your's right! and so our services are cost effective and pocket friendly -  so that you can never say "NO" to a clean home!. 

Mattress2clean offers door-to door services for cleaning up all types & sizes of mattresses, pillows and fabric sofas with special treatments for specific stains such as fluid stains, cigarette accumulations etc. and all this at very affordable prices.

allergy signs

Mattresses - The home of bed bugs, dust mites and more!

"Most people are allergic to dust mites and beg bugs!"- Its FACT! dust mites causing allergy

That is why, we offer a free allergic test for you at first by taking a sample 

of your mattress. The test will resolve the contamination level and you can decide 

whether you are allergic to the dust mites and bed bugs in your mattress. 

Of course, you are welcome to choose to avail our services even after the free test- at your own will!

Our rates vary on the size of mattresses! Further, we also offer:

subscription packageOne time sanitizing!

 Please check our one time rates clicking here but we recommend to clean your mattress every six months.

subscription packageSubscription based packages!

Your mattresses and pillows need to be cleaned regularly to be free from dust mites. We provide monthly subscriptions which along with having discounted rates, is an ideal option for senior citizens and people suffering from sinusitis, asthma or other severe breathing problems.

Stain removal treatmentStain and Pillow Treatment

Although the stain cannot be completely removed if it is too old, our equipments can definitely bring it down to a harmless stage. Depending upon the size of the stains, the price may differ. We even clean pillows so that you do not sleep on dust mites excreta any more!

sofa and mould treatmentFabric Sofa and Mould Treatment

We have kept this as a small surprise for you. But not for long, call us and you'll know the amazingly small price we charge for the service. Our services do not stop here, we have special mould treatment which uses a UVC light and a specific spray that not only removes the mould but also inhibits further growth. There is little additional charge for this special treatment.


Do have a look heremattress cleaning ratesto know the rates for our various services -  we promise they will be cost effective and easy on your pocket!

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